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I'm super excited that you want to further develop yourself.

We learn from all of our circumstances & we have an opportunity to be an example to those we are leading. I'm thankful for all of my personal experiences & you can read about my story below.


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About Coach Cindy Holmes

CINDY HOLMES is a veteran volleyball coach of twenty-eight years. Through this journey she has coached in ten state tournaments and been named Coach of the Year fifteen times. Her greatest joy is when her players receive accolades such as MVP, all conference and all-state team, and academic awards. This in no way compares to how she loves to guide teams toward a common goal. She encourages her players to treat others the way they want to be treated, work hard, face adversity with a desire to grow and learn, and have an attitude of service and focus on team. Whether on or off the court, Cindy finds all avenues of struggle as coaching opportunities. Well-known as Coach Holmes, Cindy has taught middle school for fourteen years, where she also has coached her math and social study students towards excellence and using the concept of “do” as the “tool” to grow. She embraces opportunities to grow professionally and spiritually, and is certified with Habit Finder and Girl Power Alliance, and has obtained her Masters Degree in Education.


Cindy enjoys spending time with friends and offering encouragement through all seasons of growth by using what she has learned, what she has taught, and what it looks like to apply past seasons to future progress. She has a passion to take her years of coaching experience and personal experiences into a new season of excellence. Her ability to “think about what she is thinking about” and influence others’ actions with their habits of thinking guides her passion to coach individuals towards their desired results. Cindy is the wife of her incredible husband Jim who carries the title of Chief Deputy. They live on acreage near Ames, lowa. Their son Josh is gifted in the lens of brain-storming and management and works alongside his wife Sydney who also loves to teach and coach.


Cindy encourages, “How can YOUR struggle become your victory? IT'S GO TIME! IT'S GROW TIME!”

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