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Fists in Solidarity

Take a look below at what people have said about Coach Cindy Holmes & how her leadership and coaching has empowered them!

When I first started with Habit Finder with Cindy, I was hoping to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses to grow as an individual. I have found that it goes much deeper than that! I have been able to not just learn more about my own habits of thinking but also apply it to my daily life and have more self awareness. I appreciate how it actually doesn’t look at different habits as “positive” or “negative” necessarily but rather helps you navigate thought processes and when you might lean more in one direction over the other depending on the situation. I have found that it has helped me in my personal life as a wife and mother as well as in my professional life. I hope to continue to apply these practices as I grow as an individual and plan on utilizing these new ways of thinking to improve myself to become the person I want to be! 

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